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I had no idea who I wanted to be when I crew up. I would daydream about being a social worker and helping people in need. I actually became a community health worker and it felt so much life social work. I loved it. It was a season in my life I will never forget. After working as a health care interpreter, community health worker and then a patient financial counselor.

I learned a few things about myself. I LOVE to serve. Its something that comes so naturally to me. I never knew what my true calling was until I decided to become a photographer. Being a successful photographers is more than pretty pictures. I believe what makes a great photographer is bringing joy to the wedding and capturing it during the whole wedding day. I get to bring a serving attitude to my brides and all their guests. I truly love my job because its more than a job, its a lifestyle.

The best part of this amazing job is that I also get to work with my husband. He leads our videography team and I love proving my couples with amazing full wedding photography and videography services. Being able to provide a stress free experience with gorgeous images on the best day of their lives is something I will never stop doing! 

Dreamer & Magic maker

Karina Martinez

Karina M

After a rough year, I prayed to God to give me my husband. I told him I was ready to stop dating and find the person I was suppose to be with for the rest of my life. 

While I was having that conversation with God. Favianny was having a similar conversation with God too. He made a list of things he wanted his future wife to have. He even asked for a short girl like me (first time I've been thankful for being short). 

During this time I was living in Minnesota. We had worked together in Maryland a year before so we were friends on facebook. 

I posted I was selling my XBOX  and he quickly replied he wanted to buy it.  After that we just started talking and a few months later I was back to Maryland. We had our first date and we quickly realized we were perfect for each other. A few months later we were married loving our new life. We know we had the best match maker making our relationship work and every time trials come, God pulls us through it all because God has been our foundation from the start. 

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Karina M


Our two year old that loves to sing, dance and tell her brother what to do!


The boy with the biggest heart, daddy's biggest fan and dreams of becoming a videographer!


The dreamer, lead photographer, content creator, and organizing guru.  


Our financial advisor, cinematographer and video editor.

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